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This website is ment to be seamless and perfected for displaying the writings and designs created by Mr. Robert P Parker, aka: Zerzzoz Th' Wizard, all rights are reserved for all writs & designs listed herein this website content.

About Zerzzoz The Wizard:

Known in spiritual realms.The ancient angel of the bottomless pit, otherwise known as Abbaddon in the hebrew and Apollyon in the greek as listed in the fifth seal of the book of Revealation in the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures, concerning the study of Christian Science and Satanism. A Holy Witteness to the end times holding a great chain to bind Satan for 1000 years and the key to the bottomless pit unleashing destruction for the end of time in spiritual places for the destruction of the earth.

This website contains the on-going works that have been created since Mr. Robert P Parker has been disabled from the work force due to illness.There is much work still in progress as he is regaining stability.Thier is hope that the designs listed here will be catalyst to success.

You are allowed to use this design only if you agree to the following conditions: - You cannot remove copyright notice from this design without our permission. - If you modify this design it still should contain copyright because it is based on our work. - You may copy, distribute, modify, etc. this template as long as link to our website remains untouched.


“Your web templates are great and easy for the web designer to use ! Thank you! Zerzzoz”

About our Templates

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